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Lots of shaving going on in this book...

To say I've missed my father my entire life begs the question: how do you miss someone you've never known? Fortunately I have a few memories of him that are precious to me for different reasons. One of sitting on the sink in the bathroom while he was shaving using a brush and cup with soapy foam, him stirring it, putting it on his face and then placing a dollop of foam on my nose. The other is of getting the dreaded brush for pushing my 2-year-old brother off the chair and then lying about it. The punishment was more about the lie than the actual pushing I learned much later from my mother. I also remember he had this little rhyme he made up for me: Loretto Marie is the girl for me. These few random memories are not much to hang onto for a lifetime, but they are truly all I have.

~ From An Unexpected Coddiwomple

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