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May 2, 1945 - First letter with S/Sgt. F.G. Thompson on return address

. . . We were all elated for we got promoted to Staff Sergeants today which puts us in the higher price bracket and entitles us to privileges of the 1st 3 grades of enlisted men. We'll have to be on the ball to keep it. Pay, base is 96 and then flying pay boosts it to a total of 144 and then 20% of that for being overseas amounts up to 160 something which is not to be sneezed at. Engineer and R.O. on B-17s are supposed to make another rocker but under the circumstances I would say we are mighty lucky to get what we did.

As far as work is concerned we've changed our theme song to "Angels of Mercy" and it's all right with me.

. . . Just got the dirt about Germans surrendering in Italy which is good and of course the "Stars & Stripes" carried story of Hitler's death today. I wonder if there is any truth in it. Over here I suppose the peace should be coming soon but it seems that the policy of the government will be to minimize any celebration until victory in the Pacific can be celebrated as well. I don't know just how the British people feel about it although I talked with an RAF pilot the other night and he is not too keen about it from what I gathered.

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