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The Goldfish Club

Based on Art's request, the following Sunday at my mother's we returned to the documents from both boxes. Explaining what I needed, my brother mentioned that he had the crew photo in his room and retrieved it for us. As though from the heavens my step-father was trying to help us, there on the reverse side of the crew photo, in my step-father's familiar printing, were all the names and positions of the entire crew. We were in business ... or so I thought. I emailed Art with the newfound information, some photos, and a little background as to what ignited our search for answers.

That is an amazing story and how sad that your father died at such a young age after surviving against all the odds his wartime service. The photos are incredible and the Goldfish Club emblem can be clearly seen displayed proudly on your father's flying jacket.

Unfortunately I still cannot find any trace of any of his fellow crew members. 336 Bomber Sqn was part of the 95th Bombardment Group stationed at Horham airfield in Suffolk in south east England. It was the only unit in the 'Mighty Eighth' Air Force to receive three Distinguished Unit Citations. There are lots of internet sites devoted to the 95th and I have just spent an hour going through their actual combat records but once again without success. I shall return to it again when I have an hour or two to pass on a wet winter afternoon.... ~ From An Unexpected Coddiwomple

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