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Watched Mass in Sioux Falls, S.D. Today!

With having to "attend" mass online these days, I saw that I could attend it wherever I wanted. Last week I attended mass in Washington, DC. Today though, I found mass at the St. Joseph Cathedral in Sioux Falls, S.D. . . . the same cathedral I visited when researching my book AND the same one my father wrote about in his letters. The bishop said the mass too!

"They claim there is a beautiful Cathedral in town and I want to see that."

"After I wrote you from the Masons, Bill and I took off for the K of C. We had a little trouble finding it and the rain was just coming down slightly. In our tour to find the place we passed the Cathedral. Since I had not as yet seen it and Hughes had apparently always wanted to see a large Catholic church, particularly the Stations, we stopped and made a visit. It’s a beautiful church – compares favorably with Fr. Baker’s although it is on no-where near the scale nor as ornate."

Here are some photos so you can see for yourself! That's me standing at the tiny!

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